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Aging Losses - How to correctly enter them


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Recently I've been wondering how to enter PV module aging parameters right as information online is a little confusing. 

I would really appreciate some light on this topic to try to answer the following:

  • How should we enter "PV module aging parameters"? Where to get the info from?
  • Is it right to enter "Module warranty" parameters using the specified in de module's datasheet? Are these parameters used in any kind of way in the simulation?


Thank you in advance!

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It depends on the type and size of plant. A rooftop installation will probably have higher degradation than a large utility scale plant that has on-site operators and regular O&M support. In the absence of operational data, use the module datasheet for the Average Degradation Factor. If you want to consider system degradation, increase this figure above the module warranty value. There are some studies out there on I/V mismatch but published research is limited/lacking. If you don't have any guidance there, focus on aligning the avg. degradation factor according to expectations. 

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