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East-West Orientation (Several orientation system)

Mohammed Abou Ghadir

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I have  selected an area to see how much can i fit solar panels to the park i´m designing , i wanted to use the fill zone option in the zone editing section with East and West orientation, but i cant do so because there is no option to add different orrientations. For now I´m stuck with East orrientation and when i tried copying the panels in east and then change the azimuth angle to have the same amount of panels as a miror it turns into a mess.

Does anyone know how to do solve this problem or how to design an east west orientation using zone fill?

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Hi Mohammed,

Indeed, PVsyst does not allow for the moment to fill the zones with domes. However, there is a workaround that can help you with your park filling estimate:

  1. First create a zone as you did with an azimut of 90°:
  2. Then quit the zone editing tool, select all your tables, and change their origin with the advanced selection tool (CTRL+G):
  3. After select only the tables you want to rotate in the opposite orientation (here East), and change their azimuth to -90°:

  4. The result corresponds to East-West "domes":

Hoping to have been able to help,

Stéphane M.

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Thanks Stéphane, I followed the steps you suggested with a random example i did (I will attach the photos bellow), It resulted in having one orientation not  as i intend and submited in the system design (Fixed Tilt with 2 orientation). Did i miss a step or this way just work to see how much ,modules in a speicifc area i can fit only?

Design Example1.PNG

Design Example.PNG

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