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Batch/Inverter Example

Sebastian Bode

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Could you please provide a practical example parameter file for for batch editing inverter makes. For example Bonfigliol_RPS_0571_MS.OND and SMA_Central500CP.OND Here is the automatically generated parameter file for SMA

Ident Nb module Nb strings Inverter Nb inverter

in series in parall *.OND File or MPPT

SIM_1 22 957 10 10

It seems to only work if Inverter *.OND file = 10 -

Thank you


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There is indeed an error here: you should define the inverter's file name, but the corresponding column doesn't appear on the EXCEL table (try with the PV module: it works).

I will correct this for the next version 6.13.

After this correction, here is an example of how to define the EXCEL parameters document for running PVsyst in 3 simulations, with different inverters.



Example of the EXCEL definition with different inverters

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