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Differentiate important loads and non secured loads with battery full backed-up system


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With full back-up system, some of the electrical consumers may be selected not to be backed-up, in order to extend the back-up for some more important loads.

This is done by electrical design of the distribution cubicle, with the disconnexion box isolating only the important loads from the grid when the grid is out of order; the regular loads remain waiting for the grid to resume proper operation to start anew.

Look at the appended wiring HUAWEI diagram.

The island mode consumption profiles differs from the one when connected to the grid. 

How could it be possible to separate the checks of the storage design (only impacted by the important loads and the hybrid inverter) from the self-consumption performance, which depends from all consumers ?

Thanks in advance.


HUAWEI Schéma de câblage.png

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This is indeed not implemented in PVsyst in the present time.

Now if this is just for the back-up of "possible" breakdowns of the grid in the "self-consumption" option, the yearly energetic impact will not be important as these failure events are supposed to be rather rare.  The effect will be that you may have au unwanted component  "Missing energy" in the final loss diagram. Implementing such a feature would require to define an additional parameter set, describing the Grid aunavailibility periods. 

If this is to be used with the "weak grid" option, it could indeed be very interesting to provide a detailed tool for that. We will consider this in our roadmap.

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