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maximun series resistance RSMax is very low , consider increasing Voc

Alberto Cerrone

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Hello i am trying to add a module dm540m10-72hbb , i am following all the values in the datasheet , Isc, Imp , Voc , Vmp , %Isc , tolerance , diodes number , half cell , and cell numbers , but i am getting that error that the RSMax is too low and i not understand what is wrong. can someone create a PAN files and share to me of the module i need? Thanks

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The one-diode model (Shockley equation) cannot be applied when the  Vmp/Voc  ratio is too high  (greater than about 84%).

This is a limitation due to the diode exponential shape.

In PVsyst we consider that the Voc is not important  (not significant during the simulation). Therefore we have sometimes to increase the Voc value at STC for applying the model. This is especially the case for the STC data of new technologies, like TopCON.

Therefore you should slightly increase the Voc value, until reaching a reasonable RsMax allowing to define a low-light efficiency of -3% @ 200 W/m2.


NB: We don’t know whether the specified values are quite compliant with the measurements. In the past we have observed with several manufacturers, that the Vmp/Voc specified values on the datasheets were significantly higher than the measurements reports they sometimes provide for the same modules, elaborated by independent laboratories acc. to IEC 61853.

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As i know check if all the values are in the correct unit (e.g., Amps, Volts, etc.) and consider any scaling factors needed based on the software or simulator you are using. Pay particular attention to the RSMax (series resistance) value. Ensure it is within the acceptable range specified by your simulation software or the guidelines for the module. If possible, try to find a validated PAN file for the dm540m10-72hbb module from a reliable source, such as the manufacturer's website or an industry-standard database. Comparing your values with a verified file can help you identify any discrepancies. 

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