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Can we modify the module gaps (module x-spacing and module y-spacing) for all the trackers in the 3D scene at once?

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I have a 3D scene that I created by importing a *.PVC file from PVcase. When exporting from PVcase, the motor gaps in the tracker is taken as module area by Pvsyst and so I have more modules in the 3D scene than what it should be.

I tried to adjust the module gaps to lower the number of modules but couldn't do it for all trackers at once. Is there a way for me to make this modfication for all the trackers at one go? This is a 50MW+ system and I have about 3,900 trackers and it will take a lot of time to adjust this individually.

I have attached a screenshot to show exactly what parameter I'm trying to modify. The parameter is red-circled.


Screenshot 2023-04-25 094204.png

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Hi @anish.silwal,

You can use the "List and management of objects" tool (CTRL+G):


Select the trackers you want to edit, and change the desired value in bulk:


Note: in you screenshot, trackers are defined "By sensitive sizes". Be careful, in this case it's not possible to modify these values, because they are relevant only when tables are defined "By modules".

S. Metz

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The inclusion of motor gaps in the PVsyst table length is unavoidable at the moment. However, this doesnt materially affect your simulation. It is typical to have different module quantities in the shade scene compared to your system definition. This will not affect power output, as the system definition is used for production. The shading scene will only be used for transposition and shading losses.

I would also suggest to change the default module spacing parameters in advanced settings to 0.00, and reimport the PVC scene. The spacing defined in the PVC file should then pass through to the tables in PVsyst.

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