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Energy Evacuation trought 34.5kV line

Vanesa Morales

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Good afternoon forum,

I am developing a 60MWdc project, which is planned to evacuate the energy in Medium Tension (34.5kV) through a 5km double circuit line.

My problem/question is: I have my 7 BT/AT transformers (6 with 9MVAS and 1 with 3MVA) and with my distances to the MV SE, and, from where a 34.5kV line will come out for 5 km, however, I cannot put that aside, since it only allows me to insert the High Tension evacuation.

As you can see, until the Medium Tension Transformers im Ok, but for the 5km, i want to put 34.5kV, not 115kV. 

How can I enter or consider it? We are thinking of making an "equivalent" of losses of that line within the internal transformers, but I would like to know if there is another methodology to consider it and that not only PVSyst considers that all projects in High voltages be evacuated.


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