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Carbon Balance: detailed system LCE

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Hello PVSyst forum,

I was trying to evaluate the saved CO2 emissions for my PV implant project. While I was entering the values of all the listed voices (PV modules, BoS, Additional, ect), I had some issues into the evaluation of the supports/trackers' weight in BoS category: since the software (correctly) plans to install 2892 trackers, the project variance gives the value of 3759600 kg; I don't think that this weight is a correct value and I would like to change it, or anyway I would like to know where I may modify this value, since there is no evidence in settings parameters. Can anyone help me in this issue? 

thank you in advance 



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To modify the weight of supports/trackers in the BoS category in PVSyst, go to the "Mounting Structure" section in the design and enter the correct weight for each tracker. Make sure to update the weight for all 2892 trackers to get an accurate evaluation. Save the changes and reevaluate the CO2 emissions to reflect the updated weight.

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