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Near Shadings Bug version 7.3.3

Awie Botes

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Dear PVsyst, 

We recently updated our PVsyst version to the new rollout 7.3.3, but experienced an issue when importing our 3D model into the near shadings. When I important my 3D model as a .3ds file from Sketchup, my panels are tilted, while they are flush in the other model. I am not sure if you have noted this problem and if other people are also experiencing it, I just wanted to keep you posted. The issue is sorted when I revert to 7.3.2 and 7.3.1. 

Kind regards, 


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Hi Awie,

Well, I took a look at your 3D file. The problem comes from the new 180° rotation feature introduced in 7.3.3:


This doesn't work properly with PV objects. I opened an incident ticket here, it will be fixed in the next patch.

In the meantime, uncheck this box (it is automatically checked in the southern hemisphere), and manually rotate the entire scene 180° if necessary after import.

Thank you for reporting this problem to us.


Stéphane M.

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