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Tracker sizing issue

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I am trying to setup tracking array , the setup done as the following :


but after save i founded the that tracker have a strange view


when i open the tracker editor again i found that number of modules in width had been changed automatically to 0 as the following image 


is it a bug ? or how to solve this issue ??

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Dear Moustafa Mohamed,

Thank you for your message.

I have tested with PVsyst 7.3.3 (that we just released) and I was unable to reproduce the issue but maybe I missed a step.

Can you please install the latest version and try again?

If you still encounter the same issue with the latest version, please export the project and send it to us by email : support@pvsyst.com


Stéphane Degré

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This might be because by default you have defined module spacing in the X direction, but the file you imported does not include this (because it is 1 in portrait). So PVsyst first imports the correct orientation and dimensions, but after saving, closing and reopening, it is applying the default module spacing. Since the X dimension + X spacing is greater than the tracker dimensions originally imported, PVsyst is automatically adjusting. It has in my experience changed it to landscape when this occurs, I haven't seen it change to 0 in portrait before. 

Go into advanced settings and change the following. @Stéphane Degré If PVsyst were to identify 1P vs 2P, it could ignore X spacing in the former.


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