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IArray - String and MPPT

Hampus Olofsson

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I have extracted a CSV file from the Advanced simulation with the parameters "IArray".
What I want to do is to see the highest possible current on string and MPPT level on the inverters input. 

My design is with the Trina DE19 550, 25 panels per string and 9 strings. 15 degrees tilt with azimut 0. 
Total panels of 225 --> 123,75kWp
Inverter is Huawei SUN2000-115KTL-M2. 

I take the highest "IArray" value and divide it with the amount of strings. And then I´ll take the string value x 2 to get the current per MPPT (since Huawei can have 2 strings per input).

IArray: 159,43
159,43 / 9 = 17,71 

17,71 x 2 = 35,42

So 17,71A per string and 35,42 per MPPT/input.

Is this the correct way of thinking/doing it?
Or is it any variables that I have to consider regarding the "IArray"? 


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