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Clipping loss


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For the total nominal AC inverter capacity of 77 MW , PVsyst is showing clipping power loss for values less than 77 MW without any temperature derating effect. I have attached snip here for reference . Can you help me understand how PVsyst is actually calculating this clipping power loss IL _P max.Thanks

Screenshot 2023-03-14 130638.jpg

Screenshot 2023-03-14 130755.jpg

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Your inverter is defined with a PNom expressed in kVA, i.e. in apparent power.

Therefore if you have defined, as an example, a Cos(phi) = 0.95, the active power corresponding to the apparent power (77 MW)  = 77 MW * cosPhi = 73.15 MW.  This is the effective clipping PNom value.

Otherwise, if you have several subarrays with different  orientations, the  PNom total may never be attained, as the PNom on one orientation is not at the same time as the PNom on the other orientation.

See the help  "Project design > Grid-connected system definition > Power Factor"

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