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Global incident in Coll. plane decreases as Latitude gets closer to 0°

Tharcisio Souza

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Hello, everyone. 

After running a few simulations on several sites of the Brazilian soil, I realized that the Global incident in Coll. plane from the Loss diagram was very different on each simulation. 

Since all of my simulations have fixed sheds, not trackers, I started wondering why in some cases I got over 6% Gain on Global incident in Coll. plane and others I got only 0.3%. Even if I used the optimization tool for tilt and azimuth enhancement, the Global incident in Coll. plane would not change significantly.

The only correlation I could find for this behavior was with the Latitude The closer I get to a 0° Longitude, the smaller the Global incident in Coll. plane is. This trend is clearly shown in the following table and scatter plot:






The column 'Gain' represents the Global incident in Coll. plane value taken from the simulation's Loss Diagram



For a visual reference of where those simulated plants are located: 


Given all that explanation, I have some questions:

  1.  Is my interpretation correct and the closer I get to a 0° Latitude the smaller the gain for Global incident is? 
  2.  Can you recommend me articles that explain this behavior, either on PVSyst or a more general sense?
  3.  Why couldn't I get a significant enhancement of the Global incident in Coll. plane when I used the optimization tool (for tilt and azimuth)?

I hope you can help me with those questions, and I'm available for further discussions. 

Best regards.


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