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Glob Inc. Higher GlobInc irradiation when modifying the Glob Hor.


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I'm comparing the E_Grid of the PVSyst Report provided by the EPC with the expected E_Grid with the site real data.

I have created a new .SIT/.MET file with the GlobHor (only front) and the temperature measured on site. 

PVsyst v7.2.18 (EPC data, Meteonorm 7.3)

GlobHor: 20.8 kWh/m2

GlobInc: 34.6 kWh/m2 (67.59%)


PVSyst v7.3.2 (Site real data)

GlobHor: 27.8 kWh/m2

GlobInc: 52.9 kWh/m2 (90.37%)


The GlobHor increase around a 33% but the GlobInc increase around a 53%. It seems to high. Is this calculation correct?

The inclined pyro on site is reading 43.3 kWh/m2




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