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Import tilts for near shading 


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Hi everyone,

I have a question about Near shadings as I can't find the option at documentation or in the software and I don't know if it is possible to do it.

I have a real shading scene, which I have imported using a 3D scene (PVC) and ground data (CSV) and is composed of hundreds of trackers (horizontal tracking axis N-S).



Under Near Shadings > Construction/Perspective in the right bar I do an animation (Tools > Shading animation) and everything works correctly. I get a graph of shading loss on clear day, beam linear loss and a shading factor, but these values are generated automatically with the trackers following the sun. Can I set the desired tilts for my N-S trackers at each step duration?

I have seen that in Tools > List and management of objects, there is a Tilt column. I would like to be able to set the tilts for all trackers in steps of 15 minutes (in a full day), and observe the shading loss graph on clear day obtained with the values that I have set throughout the day.



Can I import a list of tilts for each tracker every 15 minutes? Does PVsyst's Near shadings only allow automatic sun tracking during animations?

Looking forward to hearing from your responses. Thank you very much in advanced

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Backtracking angles (Phi) and Tilt are two different things. The list you have there is showing tilt in the N-S direction, and this is a static number that doesnt change. The tracking method and phi angle range are set under orientation menu. PVsyst does not allow for custom backtracking angles, only what is included in the software. T

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