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Reactive and apparent energy values in the loss diagram

said allaw

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why when ever we change the power factor the active power maintain a constant and the reactive and apparent power changes even though from what i know the apparent power is the constant as i have certain number of the inverters  kindly illustrate this matter 

Screenshot 2023-02-12 143020.png

Screenshot 2023-02-12 143128.png

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Dear Said Allaw,

PVsyst treats the Reactive power (or energy) linked to the PV production.  This is done by a constant factor (Cos(Phi)) specified/required by the Grid manager. This reactive power is proportional to the produced energy.

See the help " Project design > Grid-connected system definition > Power Factor".

A reactive power may be created or absorbed, depending on your definition (Leading or Lagging power factor)

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