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Problems importing inverter data from excel file

Sam B

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I am running into a problems importing an inverter model by pasting excel data. (csv data for inverter is below)

The first issue is, PVsyst gives me an error that the Euro eff is too low for the low voltage profile data. Since I am trying to input efficiency data using the 3 voltage method, I did not expect the Euro/CEC efficiencies to be used (also, I am not defining this value so where is it coming from?). Am I doing something wrong?

Second issue: I would like to define efficiency curves for three voltages, however the input current limitations of the device mean that it cannot reach nominal power at lower input voltages. It would seem most accurate if I defined efficiency for each input voltage across the range of achievable powers at that voltage. When I do this, I get an error that the efficiency curves for lower voltages do not meet the spec for power relative to Pnom. If I define efficiencies up to Pnom, even if this is not a realistic operating point, how will PVsyst handle this? What is the recommended method of defining efficiency profiles in this case?


INV_,Generic,Test 1,,,2016,,3.77,,,,240,Bi,60 Hz,,,,12.5,150,60,165,165,165,,,,MPPT,Limitation,Limitation,1,2,n,,,,,,,,,Without,,,,,,,,25,50,,,,,,,,,,,X,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,80,,,0.377,82.49136731,0.754,88.24387746,1.131,89.85267226,1.885,90.73382206,2.8275,86.54202681,3.77,77.68363746,,,110,,,0.377,82.77689546,0.754,88.72684777,1.131,90.71595262,1.885,92.64715524,2.8275,91.76757226,3.77,88.69795515,,,165,,,0.377,83.13171902,0.754,89.42780195,1.131,91.71842001,1.885,93.85354798,2.8275,94.40509098,3.77,94.33202505,,,

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