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PVsyst freezes when selecting modules in System Parameters


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PVsyst freezes when I try to select a module using the drop down menu. I can select the manufacturer. Then when I click on the down arrow to select the specific module, the system freezes. The window greys out, then "Not Responding" appears. No matter how long I wait, the software does not respond.

My system is Windows 8, running PVsyst Version 6.1.1. Processor is Intel Core i7. 16GB of RAM. I don't think the computer is the problem. After having trouble with a Dell, I downloaded a fresh copy of PVsyst and transferred my licensed to a new computer that is less than one week old. Same problem.

What can I do to narrow down the source of the problem? I am up against very serious deadlines.

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This is (very probably) due to the Project's site definition, which doesn't hold valid monthly values.

PVsyst needs monthly values for the sizing tool of the system (the array yield histogram).

In the project's definition, please choose a valid project's site (for example in the database).

Perhaps the project's file is completely corrupted and unreadable: in this case you have to delete it, and recreate it from scratch. If you give the same project's name, the previous calculation versions of this project will be recovered.

NB: This problem arised when explicitely using the tool "Synthetic generation" when defining the project. It has been corrected in the version 6.11, but project's files constructed before V6.11 may be corrupted.

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