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How to upload several years of Meteo Data in PVSyst


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I have a .csv in PVsyst format which contains 19years (period 2004 - 2022) of meteo data (GHI, DHI, Tamb). The .csv can't be imported by PVsyst at once, but if I just split this csv into 19 csv files, it works...


To import the timeseries I am following the help (see this link: Meteo Database > Import meteo data > PVsyst standard format) in a semicolon separated .csv. 

As far as I am aware of, when importing a Meteo time series I have to write a header such as: #Summarization period;01/01/2004 00:00;31/12/2022 23:00. Yet it doesn't work.

Questions are two:

1- How can I upload the entire time series from a single csv?

2-If I split them into 19 csv. it works... How can I upload automatically the 19 csv files?

My final goal is to work with all the meteodata together (not year by year)

Thanks a lot!

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To my knowledge, PVsyst cannot run a meteo file which is longer than a year. So regardless of how you approach, it will split them up or you will manually. Convert the format of your CSV into the PVsyst standard you linked. Here is screenshot of what I did, it worked fine and created 23 MET files. You may need to adjust the hour shift or time shift (in minutes) depending on your location. 


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Thanks a lot for your prompt answer @dtarin!

I have realized that the file can now be imported as long as the time series is below the year 2023, in my csv file I have data was wrongly stored from 2023 - 2043. Could you check if the file you posted above, instead of being from 1999 to 2022 would be from 2021 to 2043? Here is where I get the error (see atached file)



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