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SolarEdge String configurations


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I noticed this error coming up repeatedly even after fixing the error, whatever changes I had done disappears when I switch to another variant or close the project. 

Step 1/ Pic 1: Designed a system with SolarEdge inverters, I had to fix the unequal stringing to get the right system size


Step 2: Fixed the stringing and pvsyst error was gone. Saved the variant, run the simulation and generated report. 


Pic 3:


After this I'm getting the same error, and the changes I had already finished disappears after switching variants or closing the project. and I'm certain whatever changes I have done was accurate. 

Not sure if this error is known but couldn't find anything in the forum related to this. Also, I tried opening a project that was done a year ago and saved, is not working in this version 7.3.1.

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I lead a solar energy installation company in south florida and we decided to stop using Solaredge after we saw our inverter failure rate surpass 15% over the summer. And replacement inverters started taking a month or two to ship...

Now we use Enphase and although its slightly more expensive, it's a wonderful feeling knowing there's no central point of failure.

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