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Orientation Under Main Parameters


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Hi , 

I have some inquires regarding to the PVsystem. Some details that i have set on the PVsystem:

1. Under " Orientation" in Main Parameters, I send the solar panel in 2 orientations : Orient 1 : tilt 8 , Azimuth -45 and Orient 2 : tile 8 , Azimuth 135 ( in Portrait arrangement)

2. Under "Near Shadings", I have draw out the building roof with an orientation of -45 degree around own origin. 

Qns: After i adjusted the building with azimuth -45 degree (facing North east), all solar panels with Orient 1 and 2 couldn't fix into the roof due to Azimuth difference. How do i get both solar panels and building to be aligned, based on pre-set of Solar panel in " Orientation?


Should i change the "Orientation " in Main Parameters to follow the building orientation? or any ways, methods or setting to adjust to align the solar panels to building orientation.

Please advise how to resolve this issue.


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