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Shade Scene - Tracker tilted E and/or W


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I'm trying to understand how to model a tracker array in the shade scene with 0 azimuth that is on a slope which will require the tracker array to be tilted slightly to the west and a separate array tilted to the east.

Added a visual to help with clarity.

Screenshot 2023-01-03 125739.png

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You can import ground terrain in a number of ways, or you can create an object which slopes in the directions you want, and then drop the trackers on top. It will depend on what you're currently working with and what the purpose is. For example, you can create a large house for a very simplistic and uniform E-W slope and select the modules for each side and drop onto each half of the house using Edit > Set Auto Altitude. The tilt for each side of the roof can be easily set from within the block settings. 

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This would be a tracker system on a 3-4 degree slope. I don't want to tilt the panels but rather have the height of the array follow the slope so that each tracker row has a different height based on the slope without having to manually do it for each tracker row.

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