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Nb. of modules in width (unlimited sheds)

Gonzalo Piedra Mendoza

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I have a doubt about one parameter of the Orientation design tool when the Unlimited sheds option is selected: the Nb. of modules in width.

I don't really understand what does this parameter represent. Is it the number of rows in the structure (e.g. if the configuration is 3V then it would be 3) ? Is it the number of modules in length in the structure (e.g. if there is a 3V structure with 1 string of 30 modules per string, then it would be 10) ? Or is it something else ?


Thank you very much,



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In a fixed-tilt system, it is related to the number of vertical modules, and defines how many electrical partitions you have in the vertical direction. This determines the electrical effect losses due to shading.

Inactive bands are typically set to zero; this refers to a support structure which extends past the module. 

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