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Importing ASCII data of a few days


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Dear forum users,

may be you can help me with solving my problem.

I got measured values of six days. According to the procedure I imported the data. I started with creating a geographical site, after that I import the ASCII data via my meteo file. Every thing works fine. I can open the geographical site and I find my data at the right place and every thing is as it should be. When I start with my simulation of a grid connected system and I need to define my "site and meteo" by selecting my recently created site. The only message I get is "The monthly values of the project's site are not complete". I am using PVsyst 6.11, in earlier versions this kind of operation had been no problem. Only when I used the latest version, this problem comes up. Why is that so, and is there a solution for it?

Thank you for any comment on my problem.

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When performing the simulation, the full monthly values of the site should be defined, as some pre-calculations useful for the sizing (like orientation optimization, or inverter sizing) require data of the complete year.

Therfore you can simply open the project's site, and ask for importing either Meteonorm or NASA-SSE monthly data.

Or choose an existing site in the database for the project's site.

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