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entities in autodesk to convert to pvsyst


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Good day.

I'm having troubles converting from autocad to pvsyst as suggested in many internet sites, but i've got nothing. I've convert all the blocks to 3d faces, and i've got a conversion, but then i can't assign panels and trackers to the entities imported.

What is the best method to do the conversion?

Thanks in advance

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Hi VictorRRG,

You have two solutions:

  • The first when importing: in AutoCAD attach a specific material to your PV tables, then in the PVsyst import result window, select this material. Objects with this material will be automatically converted into PV panels:


  • The second after the import: select the objects you want to convert into PV tables (you must enter in realistic view), then click on 'Create->Transform to PV faces':




Stéphane M.

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