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no response when the module is imported


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In sketchup, the terrain and module were exported to 3ds file and imported from pvsyst
The terrain is imported well, but there is no response when the module is imported.
Please let me know if it is an error or if the setting is wrong.



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Hello sujinlee,

Some recommendations about DAE/3DS imports:

  • Don’t model PV modules but rather PV tables;
  • The PV tables must be modeled in the form of 2D faces (no 3D volumes);
  • The orientation of the faces must be well oriented (looking at the sun and not the ground);
  • You must assign specific material to the PV tables in order to be able to identify them after importation;
  • Keep in mind that PVsyst is not a 3D modeling software, so think about having a 3D scene as light as possible, in order to reduce the calculation time;
  • Sketchup specific: remove the Sketchup woman or man from the scene before exporting. 

Surely you haven't defined any faces. If you can't figure it out, you can always contact our technical support at support@pvsyst.com. 

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