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How to change the battery C rating (C10 Default available)


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Dear Sir,

Presently we are designing BESS system in PVSyst through (Self consumption option), we found that all batteries are rated at C10. We want to use C5, C2, C1, C0.5 rating for our simulation and working. Not able to find the procedure to change. Please guide us to resolve this issue.

Thanks & Regards


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The C10 is the basic definition of a  battery in PVsyst.  This reference cannot be changed.

You can have the correspondance with other Cxx values in the battery definition dialog: here a battery defined with a C2 capacity of 105 Ah will have an effective C10 capacity of 108.4 Ah.  This is the value defining this battery within PVsyst.


Now when using it, the simulation will permanently re-evaluate the capacity as a function of the Charging/Discharging rate along the simulation.




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Thanks for the reply.

Still not clear on the concept. From your above reply, PV Syst shows only C10 rating output values in the report. After simulation, we need to calculate for C2, C0.5, or C0.25 rating manually from the C10 output values.

Finally, we need 25MWh discharge daily for 4 hrs. How to set the values PVsyst project with disturbing Battery manufacturer file.



Is our existing setting correct? or need changes, please suggest.

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The C1, C2, C05  values are  battery definition parameters.  These have nothing to do with the results you are waiting for.

Here you have defined a charging power of  6.25 MW, for a battery pack of  27 MWh. This will indeed fill the batterty pack in about 4 hours if the  PV system provides a sufficient Power for that.

Which will probably be the case rather early in the morning, since your PV systerm has a nominal power of 52 MWp, i.e. almost 8 times the charging power !



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