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"Automatic altitude" tool gives same result with all 3 settings


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Good day,

It's something I noticed already some time ago and am only posting about it now.

When we have a PV table, and we want to position it on the z-axis on a slope such as an inclined roof, or a non-flat terrain, we can right-click the table and use the "Automatic altitude" tool.

When using it on a roof (which is a "clean" straight slope), we usually get the result we expect, that is the PV table at the same level as the roof (+ our own "Distance to ground" setting). But really, the 3 different "Align" settings should produce different results though (Lowest point, Average point, Highest point)...

This becomes more obvious when we use the tool on uneven ground, as I try to illustrate here:

1. One long PV table over a complex ground before using the Automatic altitude:



2. Using the Automatic altitude:



The issue here is that, no matter the setting used (Lowest point, Average point, Highest point), I always get the same result. It seems they're all using the lowest point...

So, bottom line is, no matter what the configuration (uneven ground, inclined roof), the three "Align" settings produce the same result, whereas they should output different results.


Let me know what you think.

Kind regards,

Julien M

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