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How to export a Project from PVsyst 7.2 to PVsyst 6.5.2


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My name is Raul and I want to know if it is posible to export a project from PVsyst 7.2  to  Pvsyst 6.5.2? I need to send the project to a colleague who have that old version of the soft.

Awaiting you prompt response.

Kinds regards. 

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Dear Raul,

Pvsyst is not designed to read files from a later version (the same way as Excel 97 – 2003 cannot read .xlsx files). You can always read all Pvsyst file formats when you use the last version of Pvsyst but there is no guarantee that you can read new files using an old Pvsyst version.

The file format has mainly evolved between version 6 to 7 to support new features. It has also changed between 6.79 and 6.80 to support international characters (utf8).

Here is a reminder of the files format evolution copied from PVsyst help:

    Up to PVsyst version 6.39, all PVsyst files (project, variant, meteo, etc.) were saved in binary format and it was not possible to read or edit those files.
    Starting with PVsyst version 6.40, the format of all PVsyst files has changed to text. This new format will simplify PVsyst upgrades.

    Starting with PVsyst version 6.60, the format of PVsyst project version (VCi) has been improved.
    Starting with PVsyst version 6.80, the encoding of all PVsyst files (*.PRJ, *.VCi, *.PAN, *.OND, etc.) has changed to UTF-8 to support international characters.
    For each of these evolutions, the new formats are incompatible with older versions. This is the reason why the corresponding workspaces have different names
    (PVsyst6_Data, PVsyst640_Data,  PVsyst660_Data, PVsyst680_Data,  PVsyst7.0_Data).

You can find more detailed information in PVsyst help:
in topic:
    Technical aspects > File organisation > User data

For the specific case of PV modules and inverters files, PVsyst V7 has a saving mode compatible with old versions:


Best regards.

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