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Battery component: custom Lifetime profile


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Good morning,

This has to do with the dynamic lifetime, which is the total number of cycles as a function of the DOD.

When you open a Battery Component (either from a Standalone project, or from the database), go to Detailed model parameters, then click "Profile" under Lifetime.

In the Help (Component Database -> Batteries -> Batteries - Main interface -> Batteries - Detailed model parameters -> Battery Ageing. Nb. of cycles), under the section "Tool and model":

  1. There is mention that You can drag the values by the left mouse button, or edit them by the right button.  However, I've tried and I can not edit the values (which I assume are the orange points). Is it a bug or am I not doing something properly?
  2. Then we can also display a blue plot with a model of our choice (e.g. 10% or 50% degradation at DOD=1). And then by Pressing the "Keep" button, it is possible to replace the specified profile by the profile constructed on the model. It seems to work at first, but if I open the same component again, the profile is back to what is was. So not sure if this function is doing anything.

Let me know!

Thank you in advance for your time :)

Greetings from Down Under


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Yes, these are two different bugs. We will correct this for a next version, but I don't know when.

NB: There is indeed no way of modifying the number of cycles within PVsyst in th present time.  The only possibility is to directly edit the *.BTR file, for example in Notepad, and modify the parameters at the end of the file:



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