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Batch Simulations with 3D Construction

Daksha Bopanna

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I am wondering if I can run batch simulations with varying pitches for a 3D construction with terrain using SAT. If so how can I make it run right? 

I tried doing it but I did not get correct results, all the E_grid values are almost the same - image.thumb.png.bf941abe3b2e34b2aad2d038fa0b83a4.png

I ran the same simulations manually, one by one and the results were quite different. Also how do I produce reports for each of the simulations?


Thank you!

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You cannot batch simulate 3D scenes with terrain. If you have a standard block of trackers, you can vary that pitch, but they must be created from the tracker block and not be individual tables. It says there in the batch menu, "These parameters apply to regular arrays of sheds or trackers only!"

To generate reports, check Create PDF Report in the batch menu under Simulation parameters

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