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How can I solve this System Output Power Distribution problem?


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I'm required by my cliente to use only 4 inverters for a array of 1036.8 kWp (1728 modules of 600 Wp). PVsyst says " The inverter power is silightly undersized". But that wasnt a problem in my past projects and I need to correct the next graph. Help? 



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If the message "The inverter power is silightly undersized" is in orange, this will not block the simulatio. 
This just indicates that the wiring isn't optimal. Otherwise, you can increase this value from the advanced settings.

When editing the plot in  « Detailed  results > Predef. Graphs”, you have an up/down button for adjusting the scale:

In this graph, the las bin contains the whole energy delivered when in overload conditions. It my be very high.

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