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System Output Power Distribution Graph


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I am wondering why some bins associated with higher power injected into grid kW values have a drastically lower Energy injected into grid Mwh associated with them, then power bins with lower values? I understand that each bin has a width of 200kW, and is the sum of all the energy that was produce when the system was operating at the power range for one hour during the entire year.


So ex: 1,800kW - 2,000kW -> 44Mwh but 1,600kW - 1,800kW -> 78MWh. Is there any reason why the drastic change? Is it bc of how the inverter operates?


Also why on the Y axis it is stated MWh/ class of 50 kW? 




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Eso significa que el sistema funciona más horas a 1800kW que a 2000kW.

Energía= kW x hours

Por las condiciones de la zona, y configuración del sistema, hay más probabilidad a trabajar más tiempo con potencia de salida a 1800kW.

Si a las 2 potencias trabajan la mismas horas, obviamente que a mayor potencia genera más energía.


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