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How to change my Helioclim data to the standard PVsyst format


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Hello, I am a new to PVsyst 6, I have just download the free trial version for my internship, but I have a problem with my meteo data.I have used the SoDA and I choose the Helioclim3 (monthly values) for the 2005 but I can not change it to the standard PVsyst file. They are monthly values and they do not include wind speed or Temperature, is that a problem? Which are the necessary input data for this form? Thank you in advance for your response.


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The direct import of the helioclim3 monthly data is not implemented in PVsyst in the present time.

Some years ago Helioclim proposed monthly data (HC1) for several years, and I had developed the importing tool for these data.

But the data format has changed with the new version HC3, and I did not yet write the updated tool in PVsyst.

However you can easily create a "Site" in PVsyst using these monthly data: please use "Database" / "Geographical sites" / "New", and fill all the required fields in the dialog. You can directly "Copy" the 12 monthly values of the Global Horizontal (or temperature) from your ECXCEL file.

The simulation requires at least the Global Horizontal and Ambient temperature data. All other values are optional.

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