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Problem in the 3d design


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Every time I draw a polygon to fill with rows, through the "Fill Zone" tool, PVSYST does not execute the function. sometimes, out of nowhere, it does, but after insisting, closing and opening the application several times. how can I solve this? Am I doing something wrong? I already filled in the data correctly in the Orientations tab, and when I go to the Modules Layout tab, and I draw the polygon to fill with the trackers, the function does not execute. Thank you for the help. Here is a photo of the software:


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Hi @ricardsaa

This behavior is really strange, are you using the latest version of PVsyst (7.2.18)?

Be careful also to respect the scales in meters. If you accidentally import your ground image at the wrong scale and you create a zone smaller than a PV table, no table will be created.

If you continue to encounter difficulties, you can send us your project at support@pvsyst.com, and we can analyze the problem in more detail together.

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