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How to import table zone


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Hi to everyone and thank you for your time.

I am designing a PV power plant with fixed structures and bifacial modules. I have a terrain with around 30.000 m2, but only different zones that sum up to 20.000 m2 can be used to install PV.

First of all, I have imported a csv file with the ground data based on a topographical survey. Now my problem is that the terrain is quite flat and it is difficult for me to define the table zones manually because I don't have many reference points. I already have a dwg with the zones where I can or I can't install PV modules. Do you know if there is any way to import these zones?

One idea I had is to import different lines or objects that define the table zones as a reference point, use them to draw my table zones using "xy point of view" and finally delete these objects or lines before filling the table zones. Do you know how could I do it or any other way that could help me?


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