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Inverter Huawei - Notification before simulation


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Hi! When I introduce the specifications of the Inverter Huawei 215KTL-H3 there is a note from PVSyst that says: "The maximum Power of the assembly is higher than the Input PV Power allowed by the inverter, not significant information". 

My question is, can i ignore this or i have to change something?

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This comes indeed from  optional parameters  sometimes defined in the inverter's specifications:


If the case "required" is not checked, this is just an advice of the manufacturer. Don't care. It doesn't make much sense to impose such limitations on the PV array, as  limits are managed by the inverter during operation.

If the case "required" is checked, this is a contractual requirement: if you define a system overcoming this requirement, the warranty may be dropped. In this case PVsyst  forbids this configuration during sizing.


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