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Some Missing Documentation of PVsyst Input Data Folders


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FYI only, I noticed that some of the PVsyst input data folders are missing from the main file directory Help Menu page:



- ComposePV\Clients (is NOT presently documented elsewhere in Help)

- UserBatch (IS documented elsewhere in Help)

- UserHourly (IS documented elsewhere in Help)

- UserHourlyParams (IS documented elsewhere in Help)

- UserImages (is NOT presently documented anywhere in Help)

- UserOptimization (is NOT presently documented anywhere in Help)

- UserRecycleBin (IS documented elsewhere in Help)

Recently, I had to import *.GIM & *.JPG files, & I wasn't sure where to put them. I checked the Help Menu & couldn't find any associated documentation (in this case, of the UserImages folder).

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Yes, you're right. We still have to complete the Help. Here are already some descriptions of PVsyst workspace folders not documented in the Help:


  • ComposPV\Client: this directory contains internal files with the CLT extension that store information the user entered about project clients
  • UserImages: contains all the images (ground images, logos, etc.) imported by the user
  • UserOptimization: result files from optimization scans.
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