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connecting inverter with bonded neutral to panel with same


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Hi all, I'm a long-term reader and a first-time poster to this excellent board. I knew I could get good answers here.

I have a Wagan Proline (5000 watt 120 volt 42 amp) inverter on my offgrid solar w/batteries system. I would like to connect via an interlock or manual transfer switch to my house breaker panel (GE Gold Load Center 20 circuit)

The inverter has hardwire connections for house distributed wiring and the manual states "neutral bonded to ground internally per code"

The house main panel has neutral bonded to ground per code.

Knowing that there should only be one place where the neutral and ground are bonded, I was stumped.

So I called Wagan and the lead tech told me "no problem just connect like this"

1. Wire the inverter neutral straight thru/no breaker to the panel neutral

2. Wire the inverter ground straight thru/no breaker to the panel ground

3. Wire the inverter hot to a 50 amp breaker in the panel

4 Ground to earth the inverter chassis (house panel has water pipe ground)

5 For the 20' run use 10/2 with ground romex or marine grade

When I asked about the multiple neutral/ ground bonds he said "No problem, there really is no neutral on 120v single phase inverters we just call it that"

So, does all this add up to good advice ? Just wire into the panel , breaking only the hot wire ? And grounding the inverter chassis to earth ?

I want to believe this guy, he seems very knowledgeable . Just want to make sure I asked the right questions.

I am ready to lose the extension cords and get this wired up. I can handle the connections safely but will use a pro if it gets more complicated

Thanks in advance for your input

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