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Output data - Earray is lower than EOutInv


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I was recently analyzing some data from the advanced simulation excel output and found the following results:


Taking a look, for high irradiance values Earray is lower than EOutInv. Does anyone know how is this possible?

From the same file, other values seems to be OK, as EOutInv is lower than Earray:


Thank you!

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This seems to be a normal occurrence for high irradiance, low temperature conditions. You want to look at EArrayMPP as this is the energy going into the inverter. EArrayMPP - InvLoss = EOutInv. My understanding is that the MPP point results in higher production than what EArray is calculated at during these conditions (high irradiance, low temperature), and the former is what is used for inverter output calculations. PVsyst perhaps can comment with more detail as to what EArray in physical terms. 


EArray - Effective energy at the array output 

(taking inverter operating point displacements into account - not represented on the Loss diagram)

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