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Got an error when importing a pan file: Error de conversión de la cadena "n=7" = > real


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Hi, Im trying to import a pan file that Jinko send me of one of their solar panels (JKM565N-72HL4-BDV_SGS_2673.pan),  I have PVSyst V6.52

When I click on import, it shows me a pop up with the following message :  Error de conversión de la cadena "n7"  = > real.

See attachment pics for more details.


Best regards


error pic 1.PNG

error pic 2.PNG

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Pvsyst is not designed to read files from a later version (the same way as Excel 97 – 2003 cannot read .xlsx files). You can always read all Pvsyst file formats when you use the last version of Pvsyst but there is no guarantee that you can read new files using an old Pvsyst version.

In your case, you are trying to read V7 files with version 6.52, which is quite old.. There is no guarantee that this operation will succeed even after a conversion to ANSI encoding because the file format has evolved from V6 to V7 to support new features.

Here is a reminder of your options:

1)  Update to Pvsyst V7 that can read all Pvsyst file formats. But you will have to buy a new license. You can already download this new version from our website using the following link:



then you will have 30 days to evaluate it. Here is also a link to more detailed information about Pvsyst V7:



Note that you don’t have to uninstall V6. You can use both versions in parallel.

Note also that you can use a new feature of Pvsyst V7 to save .PAN/.OND files in a format compatible with version 6.40 to 6.79.

2) Ask your .PAN/.OND files provider to save their files using a format compatible with the version you are using (6.40 to 6.79).

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