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Peak Shaving


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Hi All

Background; I am currently simulating a grid tied PV system with a BESS that will be used for peak shaving. The PV plants main priority is to keep the BESS at ~100% SoC to allow for providing the energy during peak hours. The PV plant is 10MWp with a 20MWh BESS, with the peak hours between 08h00-10h00 and 19h00 to 22h00 where the utility requires a constant 4MW of power during those peak hours. Which will be supplied with the BESS.

The aim is to simulate the charge and discharge cycles with PVsyst, to ensure that the BESS will always be charged such that it can supply the needed energy during the peak hours (provided that its a clear sky day). However, it seems that PVsyst does not give the option to prioritize the PV system to keep the BESS at that optimal SoC. Also it does not seem to allow for specifying the amount of power required during these peak hours. 

Is their a workaround to simulate the above. 

Please indicate if any additional information or clarification is needed.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards

Wayne Rall

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This is a pity as I have the exact same issue.

As a utility provider, prioity should always be to charge the battery as this is revenue when discharging in peak periods. Has there been any further developments on this as at present it is a limiting factor to the tool.


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