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Cannot "Create orientation from selection"


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Good morning,

So, I was able to create the terrain of my site of interest in PVsyst. This website EarthExplorer from USGS now provides Digital Elevation data (SRTM) at a resolution of 1 arc-second for the whole globe. Using a GIS, one can reduce the downloaded data to a smaller site of interest, and then convert them into XYZ data, which can then be imported into PVsyst. Screenshot below of the resulting ground object in PVsyst.

Now, I wanted to practice the Orientations Management tool, in a similar manner to the "Use case : Complex PVsyst scene" in the Help. So I created an array of tables, which follows the ground slopes. Quite naturally, I get quite a number of different orientations detected. To homogenise of all this, I select the whole array and try to create a new orientation based on the selection. To my surprise, the option is not available anymore... (contrary to what is shown in the "Use case : Complex PVsyst scene). See the 2nd screenshot below. When right-clicking the selection, the "Create orientation from selection" or "Add to orientation" options are nowhere to be seen...

I think the management of the orientations is an essential function of this program. I'm quite surprised we can't manage them anymore as shown in the Help. Have these options been removed by choice or is it a bug?






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OMG, yes, it's so simple it's almost embarrassing... I was convinced the options were not available in the menu anymore. But all I had to do was to keep the Orientations management tool open ?

To my defence, when I wanted to do my selection on the scene, I would try to reduce the Orientations management dialog, which would in turn reduce the whole PVsyst program in the windows taskbar, so yeah, I ended up closing the dialog every time I wanted to interact with objects from the scene, but by doing so, the Orientation options would disappear from the right-click menu.

Anyway, solved now! Thank you!

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