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Importing Data from Meteonorm


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For creating a new site in monthly values:

In "DataBases" / "Geographical Sites" / "New":

- You define the coordinates of the site, site name, country, etc (you can do that using the Google map),

- On the first page you choose the data source (Meteonorm or Nasa-SSE), and you push the button "Import". This loads the monthly values (second page).

- PVsyst will prompt you for saving the site when you will exit by OK.

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Thank you, that is very helpful.

Before, I was trying to get to this dialog through Tools -> Import ASCII Hourly File -> Open [site] -> New Site. When getting to the dialog box this way, the option to import from NASA-SSE or Meteonorm does not show up, which was confusing me. Otherwise, it looks identical to the dialog box that you pointed me to in your response.

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It is not possible directly in PVsyst (and probably in any other software).

PVsyst is based on the Diffuse part. The DNI is computed in hourly values from the global and the diffuse.

The DNI is defined on a monthly basis only as a sum of these hourly values.

Now the generation of hourly values is performed using the synthetic generation model.

This complex model is based on the Horizontal global (and possibly the specified Diffuse). We don't have any model for generating hourly values from monthly DNI data.

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When we import monthly data from meteonorm, the source is indicated in the format: Meteonorm 7.1 (YYYY-ZZZZ), Sat=XX%, where YYYY and ZZZZ are the first and last years of satellite data averaged for the site. However, it's not clear for me what XX means. What is it?


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