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Stand-alone projects -> subarrays and "Show sizing" graph


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Good morning,

When sizing/creating new Stand-Alone Projects, and when the project is bit more complex, I find two tools missing when sizing the PV array which would be really useful. These tools are present in Grid-Connected version but not the stand-alone.

  1. Having several sub-arrays -> it seems we can only have one array with a Stand-Alone project. However, we can easily imagine several controllers, each in charge of a different section of the PV array, and they would have different SOC thresholds, for instance disconnecting only one sub-array when reaching full battery, instead of disconnecting the whole system. Similarly, if we have MPPT controllers, we can have several sub-arrays with different orientations (their input voltage is managed by separate controllers/converters, but the converter output voltage to the battery would be the same).
  2. The "Show sizing" graphic tool, which shows us the Vmpp min and max and the Voc etc -> really useful to see visually the limits of our system.

To illustrate, please see below a screenshot of the PV array sizing with Grid-Connected, and with Stand-Alone. The two mentioned tools are highlighted.






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