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Loss diagram not displayed properly in certain configurations


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Good morning,

I've noticed in some instances the big arrow from the Loss Diagram is not displayed properly.

Here are two cases:

  • With a Grid Storage with "Weak grid, islanding" strategy (here, DEMO residential with storage, adapted for weak grid islanding). As you can see the resulting Diagram Loss is quite different from how it's supposed to look like in the Help. Obviously one side of the main arrow is missing, but also the kWh value for the "Energy from the grid" is brought down next to "Missing" which makes it really confusing. And we don't have the % for the "Energy from the grid"


  • Grid storage with "self-consumption" strategy, but where the option "Allows solar injection into the grid" was deactivated (DEMO Residential, self-consumption with storage, NOT allowing injection into grid). Here also, one of the side of the main arrow is missing. This is also visible in the Report.


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Thank you for the information.

Yes we now this problem, it is on our roadmap since some time.  However knowing how to reproduce it is very useful.

We will correct this in a future version (perhaps not the next one).  The management of the loss diagram is really a headache !

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