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Variant file upload make my pvsyst not reponding

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Hi Pvsyst Admin,

When I load the previous project file, everything is in good condition on the project name and also on the meteo file name. But not on the variant name because the variant name does not follow the project file that I uploaded.

Even so I understand, I can choose to do it manually by importing the file in the existing database .. but again.. when I press the import file button on the variant section, suddenly my pvsyst becomes not responding..

For your information I have repeatedly restarted the computer to solve this problem hoping for a miracle but the same problem still occurred ..

Please solve our problem as soon as possible.

Thank you,


Your Client User..

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Dear Customer,

In such case please send an email to PVsyst support at:



  1. your PVsyst .log files (that you can easily export using menu <File> <Export logs>)
  2. your project files (that you can easily export using menu <File> <Export projects>).

The key point for us to resolve such an issue is to be able to reproduce it so a short description of your actions can help too.

Best regards.

PVsyst Support

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