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Bug with subfield, string configuration and 3d shading


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I'm actually working on a project that uses solaredge inverter. I'm creating subfield with se66 unit and se82.8 unit, with each 2 or 3 strings. The problem occurs when i add the second unit of the se66k... the "string configuration" menu doesn't recognioze the second unit of the se66k, which is created in a separated subfield. With that problem, i can't run any simulation, because all the strings are put into the first unit of the se66k, instead of being 2 each  unit. The unit is therefore overpowered in entry. The second probleme i have is that it create a problem with the surfaces and orientations with the 3d model. I drew a 3d model with the PVsyst "shading" tool, but the areas per orientation don't match the system configuration (altough the orientations in the subfield are always mixed 1 and 2), which seems to be a consequence of the problem with the inverters...
Can someone help me? the images are here
Thank you very much,

3d mismatch.png

string configuration.png

system page.png

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I see that you have defined a sub-array equipped with SolarEdge and a mixed orientation.  This association is not useful, as with SolarEdge each string is considerd independently. You should define 2 different subarrays, one with each orientation. After that, you willbe able to associate any combination of strings (subarrays)  to each physical inverter.

This association has not been foreseen, and is probably  not well treated in PVsyst.  PVsyst should not allow it.






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