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Hourly energy production results stops before sunset


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I am working in a project placed in a location where the sunrise is at 6:05 h and the sunset is at 21:45 h. However, when exporting the .csv file I saw that in june I have an energy production data at 5 am and no production after 8pm. Is it normal ? Could you please explaine to me why I do not have any energy production after 20 h?

(it is a bifacial system if it matters)

Thank you very much,

Raul Martin Corralejo

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Please carefully check your management of the DST (Daylight Saving Time).

As most of the Climatic data files, PVsyst doesn't take the DST into account: the Summer time is shifted towards Winter time.

It seem that you are waiting for a production during "your" Summer time, when the PVsyst simulation works in Winter time.


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