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3D Scene Creation of curved roof


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I am a PV designer doing a project on solar system and my building roof is a curved area. I would like to ask you if anyone can give me a hint of how to build a curved surface area in the PV SYST and place the PV panels on top of the curved a surface.


if possible pls share video, regarding the same.



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Hi Krunal,

Since PVsyst is not CAD software, the tools to design and edit surfaces are limited. You can for example use the "Portion of Cylinder" tool to create a curved roof, but not sure if this suits your needs:


For more complex surfaces, the best solution is to use external CAD software such as Sketchup, and import the model with a DAE or 3DS file.

After that you can easily place your PV tables on the top of your roof using the auto elevation tool.

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